Simulator FrontEnd Testing System.

Would you like to improve your work in processing center?
Would you like to do testing with minimum time?
So why waste time for any more else?

The main profit from our simulator is more sophisticated and fast testing of your projects what means at the last:

  • Earning a good reputation of your processing center or a bank;
  • Building your own expertise as a member of the processing center;
  • More loyal and satisfied clients of your processing center or a bank.

Growing number of bank services and implementation of new bank products have increasing influence on processing centers. It quite may happen that real devices can not be dragged into testing process so more. POS terminals and ATMs require much time to do appropriate settings for their proper work and some cases can not be reproduced in test environment ever. We offer the unique product for processing centers. The main advantage of the product is it may be used for many purposes at a time. The product is able to emulate a payment system as well as any device like POS or ATM. You may do the following testing:

  • Development testing
  • Regression testing
  • Software performance testing

As a result using this simulator you may save time and money.

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The product includes:

  • ATM simulators
  • POS simulators
  • Simulators of international payment systems
  • Simulators of payment gates

The product benefits:

  • Cease using real devices such as ATM and POS what saves much time;
  • Perform various types of testing (functional, performance, manual, automatic and etc.);
  • Create and edit tests (by a customer);
  • Verify correctness of created and processed test cases in passing automatically;
  • Adapt existing test cases to changed testing environment, for example after new updates installation on testing system;
  • Support interaction with databases.

The gain of the product:

  • You determine on your own how your processing center must work;
  • You create reference test cases by yourself. The reference cases will be considered by the simulator as standards.

The following formats may be supported:

  • DDC (ATM Diebold)
  • ISO8583POS (POS Verifone, Ingenico)
  • POS Hypercom
  • VISA (VIP Authorization only, VIP Full service, BaseI)
  • MasterCard (Banknet)

Other formats may be supported if required. Specification and message examples will be necessary for new formats. Download the presentation of FrontEnd Testing System. You may apply for demo version of FrontEnd Testing System by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ATM simulator.

Supported formats:

  • DDC (ATM Diebold)

The product enables:

  • Check-up ATM scenario step by step;
  • Emulate ATM activity according to downloaded scenario;
  • Create new test cases and save them for future use.

FrontEnd Monitoring System.

The product is under construction.

If you have any questions or requests please let us know by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..