What is FrontEnd Testing System?

FrontEnd Testing System is a complex born for testing FrontEnd system and part of Back Office as well. The main goals of the product:

Support of all existing devices and payment systems in processing center and also formation of outgoing and verification of received reply messages;
Detection and notification of found defects in processing center.

The complex can sustain all devices and payment systems separately from each other.


Why do we need FrontEnd Testing System?

If you agree with one of the following statements you have no need in FrontEnd Testing System:

We are all right...
We are all right and we are sure for 100% our FrontEnd system works fine.
Methods of regression...
Methods of regression and performance testing cover all our needs.
We test only the part...
We test only the part of software that has been recently updated.
We test on production...
We test on production system at once.
We do not certify...
We do not certify our software at all and that’s why we do not store any certification test cases.

Why is the simulator of Favorx company?

We offer the complex solution for processing centers testing. Our solution includes a wide range of various formats employed in processing center. The product is similar to VTS (VISA), MAS (MasterCard) and other simulators developed by payment systems and some of software vendors. The advantages of the product:

Complex approach to the testing problem.
You get not a single program like VTS or MAS but several devices into one at your working place. The devices can interact with each other and test each other at the same time.
Economy of your resources.
You save much time on testing because you do not use real devices and several simulators from different vendors in order to examine your issuing and acquiring activity. You do not involve a group of persons of your company when one is testing and others supervise how devices work. Our product may be managed by one person having an opportunity to emulate payment systems and various devices (ATM, POS) at his working place. You have no need to learn brain twisting scripts recalling what they were created for. We have established with our partners that testing new functionality shortened from few hours and few days to few minutes and regression testing all functionality of FrontEnd system shortened from one or several days to few hours.
Testing efficiency increased considerably due to creation of the reference test cases storing results of regular and proper work of processing center and also due to simulator’s prompts of revealed defects. Our product improves quality of your projects and positively affects international payment systems reports.
Individual approach to testing.
We are of the opinion testing should be individual because no vendor can provide you with a testing tool taking into account all features of your processing center and no vendor can supply you with a software without a bug. With our product you may create unique test cases based on incidents taken place earlier in your processing center. We can prepare and share test cases with you. These test cases may be adapted by the simulator under circumstances of your test environment.
Flexible price.
We have flexible price policy on our product. You choose a number of necessary devices on your own. If your vendor offers something similar to the product and cheaper than the simulator is please let us know by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
We do not distribute the product on open access and do not store it free for downloading as we must make sure the product will not fall among thieves. You can get a demo-version via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The product is distributed with a license.

In the last we would like to build new standards in processing centers testing. Gaining wide experience in processing centers of our country we have found out the testing is not a foreground task and thorough testing is a rare event so far. Such treatment can obviously cause severe malfunction in processing center. The functionality of processing centers is getting more complicated and we suggest putting an end to obsolete testing methods as scripts and automating the process making it smarter. Machines must test machines and a human must take a decision on test results.

If you have any questions or requests please let us know by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .